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You can count on Mountain Country Carpet Care to quote you an honest and up front price that is Bozeman's best carpet cleaning value. If you are looking for the best carpet cleaners in Gallatin Vallery then you found us! Contact us to schedule your next carpet cleaning now!

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Why Choose Mountain Country Carpet Care?

We realize that you have many options when choosing a carpet cleaner. Feel comfortable knowing owner/operator Russell Clark has over 24 years of experience. We build relationships with our Gallatin Valley residents to offer the same great service year after year.

Carpet Cleaning with Confidence

Mountain Country Carpet Care has been serving Bozeman area residents, apartments, tenants, property managers and landlords with confidence that comes from years of experience and training. We know that retaining repeat clients comes from honest and ethical business practice as well as quality carpet cleaning methods.

Experience and Technology Matter

We strive to be the best Bozeman carpet cleaning business and offer our clients the latest carpet cleaning technology. We use state of the art truck mounted steam cleaning equipment and safe, yet powerful carpet cleaning solutions and pre-spotters. With over 24 years of experience, our team has the knowledge of what works best to safely remove stains, odors and soiled traffic lanes.

Honest and Up Front Competitive Pricing

Our goal is to show you how a proper carpet cleaning process works. We would like to give you the opportunity to experience great service with honest and up-front low prices with no hassle or gimmicks.

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If you are looking for more information then please contact us.

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You will feel good about calling Mountain Country Carpet Care on a regular basis. Don't believe us? Check out these testimonials from our customers right here in Bozeman.

Impact of High-Traffic Areas on Your Carpets

Impact of High-Traffic Areas on Your Carpets

Carpets add a touch of comfort to our Bozeman homes, but with these cozy floor coverings come the inevitable challenges of high-traffic areas. Let's explore the impact of high-traffic areas on your carpets and share some practical tips.

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Ultimate Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Ultimate Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Carpets add warmth, comfort, and style to our homes, but they also bear the brunt of everyday wear and tear. Check out this ultimate guide to carpet cleaning to help ensure your carpet remains a cozy and healthy part of your home.

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Carpet Cleaning for Allergies | Bozeman Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning for Allergies

One of the most common culprits in triggering allergy symptoms is the carpet in your home. Bozeman is an outdoor paradise., With all the trees and grasses there is a large amount of pollen in the air which makes its way into your home and into your carpet.

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