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Spring Carpet Cleaning | Is Your Carpet Ready For The New Season

Published: March 10, 2022
Author: Russell Clark
Category Tags: Carpet Cleaning

There is usually a focus on spring cleaning. So it is important to prepare your home for guests, and to remove any unwanted debris that may have been collected over the winter months! Allergy season is year-round, dirt and debris aren’t going anywhere, and Montana Seasons can be brutal especially with what we normally track in mud, and water. – all of these facts can impact the condition and health of your wall-to-wall carpeting.

Your Carpet May Be Deceiving You

You think your carpet is clean. After all, it looks clean and you’ve been walking around in bare feet all winter while your house is warm near the fireplace so how could it be that dirty? Skin is covered in natural oils, and they are quickly and easily transferred to carpet fibers. This can lead to discoloration, and it can transfer whatever is on the bottom of your feet right into the carpet.

A winter of walking around in the mud or on sidewalks or the even snow plowed parking lots can leave your carpet filled with unmentionables. Plus, the usual can be found in yoru carpet – dust, allergens, pet dander, and so much more, yes even in Winter!


The Dirt and Debris of Fall & Winter

With cooler temps come new and different substances underfoot, from leaves to slush. Plus, with cold temps – that means your windows and doors will be closed more often and fresh air will not be sweeping through your home regularly. Indoor air quality will be improved by clean carpets. Carpets become better filters for the spring and summer months when they are a clean slate.

Carpet-Clean Early, Be Thankful Later

The spring moves quickly into summer. Before you know it, Fourth of July will be upon us, and if you’re hosting this year you know you want your carpet to look excellent for guests. Get ready early for the Spring and Summer holidays. If you take the time to get your carpets cleaned in early Spring, you will benefit from the last of the dry weather – and that can help your super-clean carpets dry more quickly.

Montana Spring and Summer are beautiful seasons, but they are dusty and dirty. Your home and carpet will thank you for a thorough carpet cleaning from Mountain Country Carpet Care in Bozeman, Montana. Contact us to discuss your carpet cleaning and home cleaning needs.