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How Often Should You Clean Your Home | Carpet Cleaning Is Important

Published: April 26th, 2022
Author: Russell Clark
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If you find your carpets are in need of some TLC or just a touch up cleaning be sure to give Mountain Country Carpet care a call. We are Bozeman Montanas best carpet cleaning service and can help you make your carpets look brand new! Now let's get into how often you should be cleaning certain rooms.


Your kitchen is an area of your home that requires the most frequent cleaning. You should never let a liquid or food spill sit on your tile or wood floor for too long because it can seep into the pores of the floor. This can make it extremely difficult to clean up later on.

We also recommend wiping down your countertops every day to prevent dirtiness on surfaces where you cook and prepare food. Besides regularly cleaning up spills and wiping down your countertops, you should mop your floors at least every two weeks.

Living Room 

Your living room might be the most commonly used area in your home, making it easy for dirt and dust to accumulate in this space. As soon as you notice a mess or stain in your living room (or any room for that matter), make sure to clean it up right away to prevent permanent damage on your furniture or floors.

We recommend getting an upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning in the Bozeman, MT area at least once or twice a year to eliminate dirt and dust. Any rugs or other carpeted surfaces in your living room should also be vacuumed and professionally cleaned regularly to keep their color and texture from getting dull and worn. Mountain Country Carpet Care can help with that and more just give us a call!


Just about everyone hates cleaning the bathroom, but it’s a job that has to be done. Every few days, you should clean any built-up residue in the sink with a damp cloth or paper towel. Keep an eye on your sink and shower fixtures for any calcium build-up due to hard water and clean it up when necessary. If you have a water softener, be sure to keep it stocked to prevent this kind of buildup.

Every week, you should clean the outside of your toilet with a cleaner wipe and then scrub the inside of your toilet bowl with a toilet brush. Mop the floors every week or two if possible, and swap out your towels for new ones on a regular basis to prevent dirt. Get your shower and floor tiles cleaned at least a few times a year to keep them free from dirt and grime.


Depending on how much time you spend in your bedroom, it can get quite dirty in just a short amount of time. Some people go a month without washing their sheets, but most experts recommend washing your sheets every other week to wash out the dead skin, sweat build-up, and other contaminants in the material.

You should also dust your blinds and vacuum your carpet every week. Then, once or twice a year, clean your blinds more thoroughly with a soft damp cloth and get a carpet cleaning done in Bozeman, MT which of course Mountain Country Carpet care can help you out with!. Additionallly, place your dirty clothes in a hamper to keep clothes from piling up on the floor and making your room look dirty!

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