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5 Carpet Cleaning Reminders for Back-to-School

Published: September 15, 2022
Author: Mountain Country Carpet Care
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Around Labor Day every school around the Gallatin Valley is gearing up for students to return to the classroom. When you have children in your house, your carpet endures a lot of activity and every household becomes more busy. Even the most minimal carpet cleaning efforts can help your carpet maintain its shape and appearance before Montana winter begins. Check out these 5 carpet cleaning reminders as kids head back to school.

1. Review Your House Rules

Are you a shoes on or shoes off household? We here at Mountain Country Carpet Care recommend being a shoes off household, but no matter what your house rules are you should go over them again with your kids. With the excitement of school and different schedules, it is a pretty safe bet rules get forgotton and your carpet will take the brunt of this behavior.

2. Evaluate Your High-Traffic Carpet Areas

If you know your decree about no shoes on the carpet will not be observed, make sure you use area rugs or runners to cover high-traffic carpter areas. These items can help protect your carpeting and remove the need to continuely remind your kids as they move in and out of the house. 

3. Where Is Homework Being Worked On?

Getting your kids back into the mode of completing homework can be a struggle enough after the summer break, but just remember if they are writing and then possibly erasing while sprawled out on your carpet that those eraser shavings are ending up in your carpet. Your kids may also be in an art and crafts class where they may be using glue, markers, crayons, etc. Do you want them building their masterpiece on your carpet?

4. After School Snacks?

After spending a day at school and navigating between all their classes, your kids may get home and want to relax for a time and even want to grab a snack out of the pantry. Snacking usually relates to watching tv or playing games and where do you have this set aside for them to do these activities in your household? Snacks like cookies and crackers inevitablly come with crumbs ending up in your carpet.

5. Prepare For The Spills

Have you checked your cleaning supply inventory? Life happens and we all get moving around and sometimes knock over the drink someone put on the floor. Having the right cleaning supplies handy so you can blot, rinse, vacuum, and otherwise deal with the stain or spot is a must. Not like you are going to instantly drop everything to head down to the store which is going to allow a long time for the spill to start absorbing into your carpet.

Any further Question or Concerns?

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